Friday, April 6, 2018

"Lord Benjamin" Hand-carved wooden doll...SOLD

"Lord Benjamin" is hand-carved and  made in 
the manner of a 18th c wooden Queen Anne doll. 
Exquisitely hand crafted and detailed, he is dressed
in  +150 years old marvelous silks and treasured laces !

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This charming doll has very delicate painting of features, 
the rosy hue on the cheeks stands out beautifully 
against his lovely pale complexion.The lips are delicately painted simply, almost shy smile. His eyebrows and upper and lower lashes are painted with many tiny strokes.

My boy dolls have soft and slightly arched
painted feathered eyebrows.

I have posted many pictures for you to enjoy!

Delightful early 19th c Brocaded Textiles

His court outfit is inspired by Georgian Era clothing.
The Georgian Era, sometimes called the Age of Elegance, 
was characterized by greater abundance,
elaboration and intricacy in clothing designs.
Lord Benjamin's clothing is historically inspired and intended to represent clothing of the upper classes of 
the Georgian Era men's fashion.

Waistcoat:  Exquisite tambour embroidery floral motifs
 with silk and metallic threads on an ivory 
silk satin, France, ca. 1780

His 19th c.brocaded blue shoes are quite lovely,
 embellished with silver buckles, fully lined. 

Tricorne Hat: It is adorned with a rare and beautiful
 silver torchon trim and pale blue feathers.



Thursday, February 8, 2018

"Priscilla" Hand-carved wooden doll ...SOLD

Priscilla is my representation of a young black woman, that was brought from the West Indies to the British 
Empire in the 18th century.
At her arrival, she became a lady's maid.
I dressed  Priscilla in clothing that is historically inspired.
She stands just over 19 inches tall.

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She is fully jointed. The hand-carving and clothing are exquisite. 
All of her clothing is made from antique fabrics. 

Her clothing is a faithful period reproduction.
Priscilla was in my project board for many weeks ago, I had
so much fun with her new mom talking over the phone and exchanging ideas and emails in recreating  her 
beautiful clothing. The red fabric is a beautiful 
example of early 19th-century textile, block printed, painted mordant-and-resist-dyed. The madder brown cotton
 calico is probably American in origin  though may have been printed in England. 

Her black silk shoes are embellished with glass beads and beautiful torchon metal trim, both materials dating 
from the Victorian Era.

Thursday, December 21, 2017


I want to take this time to THANK YOU for your friendship, your business and your referrals, it means so much to me. I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy, Healthy New Year!


Sunday, December 17, 2017

"Bessie" Hand-carved Queen Anne Wooden Doll......SOLD


Your review matters very much to me,
Thank you for sharing with us !


Bessie is a truly a masterpiece !!!
The carving of her exquisitely serene face is breathtaking
The period court dress is so expertly researched including
all the removable undergarments including pannier, stays & pockets
all hand sewn. I can’t imagine how you do it
You are a remarkable artist !!!
Many thanks again

Bessie is already sold, but I want to share with you
some pictures of this exquisite doll. She is 21" tall.

Her dress is inspired by a beautiful wedding gown from the
Georgian Era. 
Delightful 18th c. Brocaded Textiles

Look at the details on the sleeves.....the lace and ribbonwork 
are gorgeous, made in France and dating from the 19th c.

Back view : 3-piece trained dress

Ohhh panniers !!

Bessie is wearing a long chemise, underskirt,
stays and panniers.
Stays : Early 18th c. Italian silk

Double cloth pockets: 18th c. embroidered silk with multicolored floral motifs.


Her brocaded silk shoes are beautifully embellished
with glass beads from the Victorian Era

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hand-carved Black Wooden Doll...SOLD




 Sonia, your artistic ability and craftsmanship is excellent.

I am so pleased to have two of your exquisite dolls,
Fanny and Sonia (whom I named for you).

 "Sonia" is 14 1/2 inches tall. The hand-carving and clothing are exquisite.


 Corset: 19th c. English Silk

2 pc.Dress:  Delightful 18th c. Brocaded Textile


Her shoes are quite lovely! Embellished with robin's egg blue glass beads from the Victorian Era.

Apron: Gorgeous Lace embroidery-applique, England 19th c.