Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Thank you so much for such a wonderful year !

                           Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and 
                            a Prosperous New Year 2019 !

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Meet "Clarice" an enchanting European Lady from the 16th Century

She stands 14 inches, made of wood and lots of love !
Her clothing is inspired in one of the absolutely amazing 
Piero Tosi's costuming. My doll's gown is a recreation of one
of the dresses that he designed for the
Opera "Don Carlos" - Teatro La Fenice, Italy 

Exquisite hand-carving and clothing.

  This 19th century Chinese embroidered textile is beautiful.
 I have posted many pictures, so you can see the details  of this lovely doll.

Antique English mohair wig and black pupil-less glass eyes

BODICE : Elaborately decorated with Silver and Gold metallic trims, dating from the 19th century.

Monday, September 24, 2018

"El Caballero Fernando Flores De La Rosa Morado" Hand-carved wooden doll

Amazing 25 in. tall hand-carved wooden doll.
"Fernando" is my representation of a young nobleman
of the 15th Century. 
Love the Spanish Renaissance fashion  !!
The women's and men's clothing in this period enjoyed
a wide range of colors....Fernando's clothing is exquisite.
I have posted many pictures for you to enjoy not only the beauty of this doll, but these early textiles and all 
of the details of his outfit and accessories.

DOUBLET: Ottoman, Early 19th c.

CLOAK:  Beautiful Silk embroidery with  chenille and metallic threads, France, 1750's.

Beautiful embroidered silk hose, kept in place by garters.

SLASHED BREECHES:  18th c. silk and copper embroidery

Close-up picture of  Fernando's fully lined Doublet

Lovely English mohair wig and black pupil-less glass eyes, 
dating back to late 19th c.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

" Perceval " Hand-carved wooden doll

"Perceval"  is my representation of a young African man that
was brought as a servant to the British Empire  in the 18th century.
I dressed Perceval in clothing that is historically inspired.
He stands 21 1/2  inches tall.

Exquisite hand-carved on linden wood. 
Inset antique glass eyes.

Copper and Silk Embroidery Waistcoat trimmed with Victorian glass seed-beads, 
a wonderful early textile dating back to the 18th c.

Victorian Black cotton shoes and plum-rosette ribbon, embellished with glass seed-beads.

Perceval is not only a beautifully hand-crafted doll, 
he is an extremely charming boy!

Silk Stockings with metallic embroidery, both materials French in origin, 1850 ca.

 Beautiful examples of late 18th c. block printed textiles,
possibly printed in India for the British market.
...delightful colors!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

" La Señorita Fleurette " Hand-carved wooden doll

"La Señorita Fleurette" is inspired by a portrait of 
a young noblewoman of the 17th Century Spanish 
School. Hand-carved from wood, inset antique
 glass eyes. She has a serene, gentle expression
 and depicts a formal attitude.
I just finished the final touches on her ornate 
attire and I have posted many pictures for you
 to enjoy not only the beauty of this doll, but 
these early elaborated textures and all of the
 details of her clothing.

Very, very wide pannier, in the 17th century style, keep her gown spectacular with 
extreme fuller hips and a tiny waist.

Stomacher: 18th century metallic embroidery
Origin: France

The embroidery silk panel is beautifully executed ! It dates from around 1750's, made in  France. Amazing example of early textile made with intricate chenille needlework, embroidered metallic threads in gold and silver and metal embellishments.

Lovely contrast of colors: the copper silk brocaded panel (Italian in origin) and this delightful French ribbon work. 
These materials date back to early 19th c.

Again.....the combination of the copper silk brocaded
 and this divine lavender Victorian silk, so rich and 

Fleurette looks gorgeous in her floral headdress !

She stands just over 23 inches tall.

The upper of the heeled shoes is composed of the same copper silk brocaded I used for her skirt,
embellished with a lovely Victorian rosette trim, silver metallic applique and glass seed beads.