Saturday, April 4, 2015

"Lady Mary" Queen Anne Wooden Doll Reproduction....SOLD

Lady Mary is SOLD.
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I made her clothing from antique and vintage fabrics. Lady Mary is wearing a  two-piece gown in red- ruby tones. Her open-front bodice is made of a 1950's vintage silk-taffeta and the skirt is a 19th c. Silk Damask. One of the things I enjoy
 in the design of my doll's clothing is to use solid colors to compliment the wonderful patterns and prints of the early textiles. I love  how it all came together!
Rare and beautiful example of 19th century textile, French  Scrolled  Silk  Damask, dates from around 1850's.
Whites: Made from 19th c. textiles. She is wearing
a quilted petticoat, corset with lace-up back, 
two hip pads that will help her skirt
hang and drape nicely, French lace embroidered bonnet with 
delicate and wide ribbon ties.
She has a wonderful patina.
Hand-carved from linden wood, Lady Mary has a one-piece carved
wooden head and torso, fully jointed.
Here is a photo when I just started working on my doll's hair.
Her cloth pocket and shoes are made of 18th c English embroidered silk. Her shoes have leather soles and
 cotton lining. She is wearing Edwardian wool stockings
 and silk-taffeta garters.