Thursday, May 14, 2015

She is a Sweet Little Girl: "Louisa" is my newest Reproduction of Izannah Walker Dolls....SOLD

 Louisa is SOLD
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I re-create this doll from an original antique Izannah Walker Doll. She has stockinette head, the construction of her body and clothing are wonderful.

Distressing is the modern technique that approach us to creating a timeless treasure. This is one of the final steps in the construction of my dolls.  Louisa has a soft, wonderful antique, primitive-looking appearance. She is so much nicer in person!
             Louisa's clothing is made from antique fabrics.
Her dress is brown calico with red, pink and white flowers.

I made  her bonnet from the same brown calico and lovely deep-red wool fabric.




Her undergarments include: petticoat chemise and bloomers. These are made from cotton fabrics and clothing from the Edwardian Era.
Louisa's clothing,  seen from behind.
A close-up of this early calico fabric.
She has five ringlets across the back of her head and two more on the sides.
Louisa is a very sweet doll, she looks that was much loved and played with.
The "second skin" is antique cotton fabric, 1880 ca.