Saturday, June 27, 2015

Phillis, 16" Hand Carved Wooden Doll

Phillis is hand-carved from linden wood, she has a
one-piece carved wooden head and torso, fully jointed.
I made her clothing from antique fabrics. Her
clothing is quite lovely! 

Her "jumps with sleeves" are inspired on one of the  fabulous garments that the Victoria & Albert Museum holds in exhibition. It is made from a vintage green brocade textile in a lovely green color.
My definition of "jumps" is a sort of  loose "stay" partially or without  boning at all. It became  popular by 1740's and commonly used for women that prefer to wear them as a healthier alternative, instead to stays.

                                    Phillis has beautiful and delicate hands.

This late 18th century textile that I used for making her cloth pocket is fine linen embroidered with silk threads.( ca. 1780- 1820, Hertfordshire, UK) 

 She is wearing an antique hip pad that helps her skirt hang and drape beautifully.        

 All of her clothing is removable. Here is Phillis with her cotton nightgown and  French cotton tambour embroidered bonnet in off-white shade. 

Beautiful example of 18th century English quilted textile. It dates from around 1880. The gorgeous floral pattern was block printed onto the fabric. The colors are stunning!   

 Her apron is made from a French
 embroidered net lace, 1920's ca.

Phillis is wearing antique cotton stockings and garters, in a lovely red color. These contrast nicely with all of her clothing. Her shoes are made from the same English textile I used to make the cloth pocket. 


Sunday, June 7, 2015


Hand-carved from linden wood, Margaret has a one-piece carved wooden head and torso, fully jointed.
She has a wonderful patina.

I made her clothing from antique fabrics. Margaret is wearing a  two-piece gown. The bodice is beige polished cotton. The skirt is a 18th c. English Embroidered Silk fabric.


Her undergarments include: petticoat and chemise. All made 
from cotton fabrics and clothing from the Edwardian Era

Her skirt is a beautiful example of 18th century embroideries. It dates from around 1750-80.
The embroidery and colors are superb!

The red and golden yellow colors of her 18th c. cloth pocket make a wonderful contrast with her clothing. Rich embroidery with silk and metallic threads.

And last but not least, Margaret's shoes are quite lovely. They are entirely hand sewn. The outer of the shoes are made from a fragment of 18th c. Spitalfields silk brocade, England 1750-1780. They are linen in cotton, the sole is leather.