Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sophia, 15" Hand Carved Wooden Doll


All of her clothing is removable. Here is Sophia wearing
her cotton chemise and embroidered petticoat. 

......I  took this photo before I started
working on my doll's hair.

A close-up of her apron and bonnet ( French cotton and
  lace, 1920's ca.)

The textiles I used to make her clothing are quite lovely!
Exquisite English brocade and embroidery , dating around 1840's

Sophia is wearing an antique hip pad that helps her
skirt hang and drape nicely.

Beautiful example of 18th century French quilted textile. It dates from around 1860. The gorgeous floral pattern was block printed onto the fabric.
The colors of her cloth pocket make a wonderful contrast with her clothing. Rich embroidery with silk and metallic threads.

And last but not least, Sophia's shoes are quite lovely. They are embellished with Victorian silver buttons and French silk ribbon.
The outer of the shoes are made from a fragment of 18th c. silk brocade English garment, it is the same textile I use to make her jumps. They are lined with cotton, hand-stitched,  and the sole is made with leather.

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