Monday, October 26, 2015

Reproduction English Wooden Queen Anne Doll

 She is hand carved from linden wood, the head and torso is
a single piece, she is jointed at the shoulders, elbows,
hips and knees. The hand carving and clothing are exquisite.

A close-up of her apron, 19th c.
embroidered tambour net lace, France.

Her cloth pocket is lovely!. I used a fragment
of an early 19th c. hand embroidered Chinese Robe, that probably
 was embroidered in China for the Western Market.

 Rare and beautiful example of 18th century textile. It is mordant- and resist- dyeing on cotton. It has a flower and hunting scene pattern in shades of brick red, blue and purple. It has aged to wonderful pleasing pastels colors.

The underwear outfit consists of:  petticoat, long sleeves
chemise and two quilted bustle pads.

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