Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lady Mary Elaine, Queen Anne Reproduction Doll

I carved this doll inspired by a beautiful example of 19th c. wooden doll. Lady Mary Elaine is dressed in antique textiles, the graceful design and colors of her clothing highlight her beauty and the exquisite hand-carving. She has a wonderful patina with just the right amount of wear. I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures of this amazing doll!

Hand-carved from linden wood, she is jointed at the hip and knees so she can sit nicely.

She is wearing a two-piece gown, consisting of bodice and skirt. The stomacher is made from a lovely Victorian ivory silk brocade textile.  19th c. Mechlin lace applied to the sleeves and top of stomacher.

She is full of detail and her clothing is stunning!

A close-up of this is mid 19th century quilted  roller printed cotton. It dates to around 1850s. This beautiful textile was printed in France using hand carved wooden blocks. The hues of blue, fuchsia, pink and brown colors have  aged
to lovely pleasing pastels colors......time bestows to beauty!

CLOTH POCKET: Amazing and rare  OTTOMAN silk  and metallic embroidery on linen. Northern Epirus,
today part of Albania, 18th-19th c.


My doll's apron is gorgeous. This Victorian Era textile is a combination of silk and lace in a beautiful ivory color!

And last but not least, Lady Mary Elaine's slippers are quite lovely! Material: 19th c. silk brocade.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Antonia" in the Style of Queen Anne Doll

"Antonia" is 18 1/2 inches tall. She is jointed at
shoulders, elbows, hip and knees.
All of her clothing is  made from antique fabrics.

Here is my doll wearing her lovely embroidered tulle day cap. Her hair is gorgeous, the curls are natural and soft.

A close-up of her corset, entirely lined.
Material: Silk Embroidered Brocade Lampas,

FRANCE 1850- 1880

I made her apron from a beautiful 19th century hand made Brussels applique net lace in off-white. Another exquisite piece of her clothing that Antonia will use in a very special occasion. 
Her bum roll pad sewn in the 18th c. style will help her
skirt hang and drape nicely. 

She is wearing a two-piece gown, consisting of caraco and skirt. 

Material: rare example of an early French textile, dating from the 1880's. Beautiful Prussian type blue and indigos.Very unique floral pattern.

Double Cloth pocket: 19th c. OTTOMAN silk  and metallic embroidery on natural homespun cotton.

Lovely Embroidery slippers from the Victorian Era. Fully lined, leather soles.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

20" Izannah Walker Doll

Janet has painted six ringlets across the back of her head
and two more on the sides.

The "second skin" is antique cotton fabric, late 1800's

 Her undergarments include petticoat, chemise and bloomers.  All made from antique fabrics.

So Sweet Sunbonnet!


A closer look at this antique madder brown Civil War era calico fabric with a lovely and rare pattern.                 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

" Lady Gertrude" , 18" Wooden Queen Anne Doll Reproduction

Lady Gertrude is a fine reproduction of  an English
Wooden Queen Anne Doll  from the 18th Century


I posted many pictures to show you how
spectacular become her clothing with the
combination of colors and variety of early textiles.
I am very passionate in carving my dolls and designing 
her clothes, I usually put endless hours hand sewing tiny stitches.

Lady Gertrude is wearing a three-piece gown, consisting 
of caraco, stays and skirt.


The carving and clothing are exquisite.

Caraco, Late 18th c., with the brocade in fuchsia, metallic embroidery and floral motifs in coloured silk.
( Spitalfields or Lyon)

Cloth pocket: English silk work embroidery on linen
c. 1780- 1820, Hertfordshire, UK

Machine and hand-tailored Ivory silk stays, 
completely lined, British 18th century
 style, laced front and back. 

 The skirt is made of a late 19th c. linen and
cotton blend textile with a lovely indienne design.

 Fully lined petticoat with embroidered accents
Material: white cotton from the Edwardian Era.

Replica Woman's  Embroidered Coif
 English, ca. 1600 ( The Met, New York )
 Bone colored cotton lawn with cotton
embroidery in flower and leaf design.

Her bustle pad in a Tubed design will help
to add more volume to the rear of her skirt.

And last but not least, Lady Gertrude's slippers are
quite lovely! In the 18th c., most of the fine textiles
used to make ladies shoes were dress remnants.
My doll's slippers are made from the same
silk brocade I used to make her caraco.