Wednesday, April 13, 2016

" Harriet " in the Style of Queen Anne Doll

I carved this doll inspired by a beautiful 19th c.
African-American woman. 


Harriet has pierced ears with lovely 1920's  red cognac
& gold bead earrings.

  Here is my doll's tiny corset, a perfect miniature replica of
what a 19th c. woman would have worn at the time.
Material: Silk Embroidered Brocade Lampas,
FRANCE 1850- 1880

           Her skirt is made of a rare, beautiful , early example of 
         French Block Printed and Resist Dyed Textile, dating from around
1820- 1850. French examples of these early textiles were made using a technique called "picotage", a method of printing dots using carved wooden printing plates studded with metal nails or tacks.

Her bum roll pad sewn in the 18th c. style will help her
skirt hang and drape nicely.

All of her clothing is made of antique fabrics.