Monday, May 9, 2016


Although she is tiny, you will be amazed for the construction of her body
and all the details included in this doll. I designed this doll based
on an original English Wooden Queen Anne Doll, just in miniature.
She is only 6 1/2 inches tall.


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I am happy to share with you this lovely email that I just received upon the arrival of Mallie to her new home:
Hi Sonia
She is here! I just went down to the Post Office depot to collect her.
Thank you so much - she is adorable! What fantastic workmanship on her hands and joints and the sweetest little face. Her clothes as well are so beautifully made. I just love her! I have a collection of Queen Anne dolls from makers all over the world and some I have made myself.
She will sit in pride of place - the smallest but certainly the most beautiful.
I will try and send a picture of her with her new friends when we get back from London.
Many, many thanks

Mallie is hand carved from linden wood, the head and torso is
a single piece, she is jointed at the shoulders, elbows,
hips and knees. The hand carving and clothing of this little Queen
are exquisite.

Her two-piece gown  is made of an early 20thc. French Linen. 
beautiful colors and floral pattern.The colors of her antique
brocade cloth pocket make a lovely contrast with her dress.
Her bustle pad sewn in the 19th c. style will help her
skirt hang and drape nicely.
 Her custom-made clothing is made of antique fabrics and
is removable.



Here is a close-up of her corset, entirely lined.
Material: Silk, blue color.
England 1850- 1880 

Her beautiful antique blue eyes are captivating! :) 
Mallie's shoes  are quite lovely. 19th C. Silk Brocade, leather sole
on a high shaped heel.