Friday, July 1, 2016

" Lady Jovita " Wooden Queen Anne Doll.....SOLD

" Lady Jovita "  is only  7 1/2 inches tall.
She has lots of personality......many of you shall call
 her a sweet cute little girl, she will happily accept the epithets.
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A closer look at these fantastic early 19th Century Textiles.
Her hand quilted skirt is reversible. Hand Blocked  Provencal printed with lovely floral pattern with little birds and butterflies. The reverse has a paisley design.

My doll's dress seen from behind.
She is wearing a beautiful hand woven bergére straw hat
 in the 18th century style and  lovely Victorian glass bead necklace.
Cloth pocket: Material: Silk, blue color.
England 1850- 1880 
All of her clothing is removable.