Saturday, September 10, 2016

20" Izannah Walker Doll ....SOLD

It's been a few days since she was finished and I enjoy her company so  very much. Now that she is ready to find a new home, I pleasantly, as I always do when looking for a name for my dolls, named her " Janet " thinking of my dear old school friend and the great excitement it would be in a few weeks to meet her again and her lovely family. This is just to mention how much I appreciate when my customers adopt a Krause Doll and ask me how did I acquire the names for my dolls.
Another of the questions I usually receive from my doll lovers is about the construction of the head. In my opinion, and I am very confident that many of you agree, one of the most defining features of the dolls made by Izannah Walker,  that makes such an extraordinary work of art, is the structure  of the head. I designed my dolls based on an original Izannah Walker doll, and as the original, they have stockinette heads.
And last but not least, the replica of the body has capture one more time the attention to detail !  My dolls have soft-textured head and body, also that lovely  smooth ( another typical characteristic of these early dolls) delicate touch  like well-worn old leather with a slight shine to it,  which has been handed down through generations to the present day. 

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Janet has painted six ringlets across the back of her head
and two more on the sides.

The "second skin" is antique cotton fabric, late 1800's

 Her undergarments include petticoat, chemise and bloomers.  All made from antique fabrics.


So Sweet Sunbonnet!

A closer look at this antique madder brown Civil War era calico fabric with a lovely and rare pattern.