Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lady Mary Elaine, Queen Anne Reproduction Doll....SOLD



Hi Sonia,

Your beautiful doll safely arrived this morning, right to begin her new life in southern France.
(It was delayed for one week in Roissy airport, I don't know why, as the USPS tracking said it arrived in Paris on the 23rd.)

I am delighted with her, eyes, face, size, fine clothes, all of the doll is exactly as I expected.
I am very thankful, you are very talented.

As I told you on the phone, I collect bisque head dolls from the end of the XIX century up to WW II, mainly French and German. I don't buy reproduction or replica. BUT when I saw your work (on Pinterest), I enjoyed it very much and was lucky enough to find that you had one doll available at once. It was kind of love at first sight. I especially also like your black girls (Marianne; Harriet; Antonia...).
In my view, your dolls belong to a totally different kind: personal artistic interpretation of dolls that couldn't be seen elsewhere that in Museums (and, even, very few Museums in the world) and, as such, unabling a doll lover to admire and own some piece of beauty. As says the poet "a thing of beauty is a joy forever, its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness"...

Best wishes for a lovely year full of blessings for you and family.


I carved this doll inspired by a beautiful example of 19th c. wooden doll. Lady Mary Elaine is dressed in antique textiles, the graceful design and colors of her clothing highlight her beauty and the exquisite hand-carving. She has a wonderful patina with just the right amount of wear. I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures of this amazing doll!


If you have questions or comments,

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Hand-carved from linden wood, she is jointed at the hip and knees so she can sit nicely.


She is wearing a two-piece gown, consisting of bodice and skirt. The stomacher is made from a lovely Victorian ivory silk brocade textile.  19th c. Mechlin lace applied to the sleeves and top of stomacher.

She is full of detail and her clothing is stunning!

A close-up of this is mid 19th century quilted  roller printed cotton. It dates to around 1850s. This beautiful textile was printed in France using hand carved wooden blocks. The hues of blue, fuchsia, pink and brown colors have  aged
to lovely pleasing pastels colors......time bestows to beauty!

CLOTH POCKET: Amazing and rare  OTTOMAN silk  and metallic embroidery on linen. Northern Epirus,
today part of Albania, 18th-19th c.


My doll's apron is gorgeous. This Victorian Era textile is a combination of silk and lace in a beautiful ivory color!


And last but not least, Lady Mary Elaine's slippers are quite lovely! Material: 19th c. silk brocade.