Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hand-carved Black Wooden Doll...SOLD




 Sonia, your artistic ability and craftsmanship is excellent.

I am so pleased to have two of your exquisite dolls,
Fanny and Sonia (whom I named for you).

 "Sonia" is 14 1/2 inches tall. The hand-carving and clothing are exquisite.


 Corset: 19th c. English Silk

2 pc.Dress:  Delightful 18th c. Brocaded Textile


Her shoes are quite lovely! Embellished with robin's egg blue glass beads from the Victorian Era.

Apron: Gorgeous Lace embroidery-applique, England 19th c.

Friday, October 20, 2017

"Genevieve" Reproduction of a Wooden Doll from the Georgian Period......SOLD

 The craftsmen of the Georgian Era made marvelous art work. "Genevieve" is a reproduction of one of the most
beautiful wooden Queen Anne Dolls made in that period.
She is a large doll, 24" tall,
(she is just 1/2 inch shy of  her older sis.)
I dressed my doll in exquisite early textiles that date back to the 18th century, including the fabulous French torchon metal trim that I used to decorate her robe and stomacher. Please scroll down to see more pictures of Genevieve, she is a wonderful replica of the original doll. 


Any questions or comments,
please email me at

                          Hand carved wooden head and torso with 
dowel and pin jointing at thighs and knees.

19th c. Black pupil-less glass eyes with finely painted 
dotted eyebrows.

Dress: Italian silk brocade with gold metallic embroidery. 
Stomacher and dress front panel: English brocade, with gold and silver metallic embroidery .
Wonderful examples of 18th c. textiles

Apron: Ottoman, 19th c.
The off-white linen ground is embroidered with
silk and copper threads.


This is a rare, exquisite, beautiful torchon metal trim, 
Origin:  France, XVIIIème

Lace-up half-boots in a lovely light blue color. 
In the beginning of the 19th c. boots gradually
became acceptable for women. 
Material: English 19th c. Silk

Sunday, August 13, 2017

21 in. Izannah Walker Doll....SOLD

" Clementine"

I designed this doll based on an original
 Izannah Walker Doll.  She is 21 inches tall. 
Wonderful details that will delight the heart
 of her new mom. She is exquisite!


If you have questions or comments,
please email me at

Clementine is wearing a dress that I made for
 her from a beautiful 19th century calico fabric.

Clementine has marvelous curls!


Monday, August 7, 2017

"Silvana", Hand-carved Black Wooden Doll...SOLD

Thank you Christiane for sharing your thoughts about your doll

Hi Sonia,
Lovely Silvana safely arrived after a very fast travel over the ocean.
She is joining a large family of dolls, mainly antique bisque headed and some wooden ones. Among these dolls quite a few are black just like she is and, unlike most of these, she has a well defined ethnic face. I love that face and the gleaming of her eyes. Her dress and undergarments material are beautifully chosen and crafted.
One might think I’m lonely, an old woman seeking company in dolls but in fact that’s me who am keeping them company, me and my children and grandchildren.
In this happy old house, Silvana will be well loved.
Many thanks Sonia, be blessed for your talent.

  Silvana is my representation of a young black woman that was brought as a servant  to the British Empire 
from West Africa, in the 17th-century. It became
 fashionable for the wealthy families to have black 
servants dressed in elaborate clothing.
I dressed my doll in clothing that is historically inspired.
You will be amazed by this doll ! She is 12".

Any questions or comments,
 please email me at


The hand carving and clothing are exquisite.



           Rare and beautiful example of Early 18th-century textile. 
Cotton painted mordant-and-resist-dyed probably made in Western India for the British Market.

                                           Her shoes are quite lovely!
                        Beautiful 19th-century brocade silk.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"Matilda", Hand-carved Black Wooden Doll.....SOLD

Thank you Anita for sharing with us your thoughts about your doll!

Dear Sonia,
The wonderful Matilda has arrived!!! Once again, an amazing, lovely, 
beautiful doll... I feel so fortunate to have her here ...
Your work is so wonderful... amazing artist!
Thank you! Anita

"Matilda" is my representation of a young black 
woman that was brought as a servant to 
Great Britain from the West Indies, in the 18th c.
I dressed my doll in clothing that is historically-inspired.

She is 11 1/2 inches tall. 

Any questions or comments,
please email me at

All her clothing is made from antique fabrics.

Here is a close-up of her apron,
Wonderful 19th c. Ottoman silk and metallic
 embroidery work.

......Matilda's hands in the works.
I took this photo before applying the paint.
Exquisite carving !


Her jewelry is made of Victorian glass seed beads.