Sunday, February 12, 2017

"Sojourner Truth" Hand-carved Wooden Doll


This event has inspired communities nationwide to recognize the central role of African Americans in our country. To celebrate this important event I wanted to create
a special doll, inspired for the history of a woman 
that was born into slavery. "Sojourner Truth
was a Fighter for Freedom" 1797-1883.  If interested about her biography, please read the following link :

I named my doll after her.

"Sojourner Truth" is a fine wooden doll

The hand carving and clothing are exquisite.

She is a large 24 inches hand carved wooden doll.

She is jointed at shoulders, elbows, hip and knees.
All of her clothing is made from antique fabrics.

Her shoes  are quite lovely. Fully lined, leather soles.

19th c. Silk, Blue and Floral Brocade.

Her apron is a 19th century hand made Brussels net lace in off-white. Another exquisite piece of her clothing that she will use in special occasions.

She has pierced ears. I made her earrings and necklace specially for her. The necklace is made from
Victorian jewelry, silver and a beautiful stone that
combines nicely with the soft colors of her clothing.

Material: Fine example of an early textile, dating from
the Civil War Era. The color of the silk is more like
a pale blue- grayish.

Here is a close-up of her corset, entirely lined.
Gorgeous 19th c. OTTOMAN silk and metallic
embroidery work.

Two-pc. gown. This lovely silk is so very light in weight.

Double cloth pocket:  19th c. OTTOMAN silk and metallic embroidery on natural homespun cotton.

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  1. An exquisite doll!! One of the most beautiful I have ever seen. You are a true artist.