Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Lady Adela" Queen Anne Wooden Doll

Exquisite hand-carving and period clothing.
Lady Adela is  23.5 inches tall.

Her dress is made of a beautiful, early example of 
         French Block Printed and Resist Dyed Textile, dating from the 1800's. French examples of these early textiles 

were made using a technique called "picotage", a method of printing dots using carved wooden printing plates studded with metal nails or tacks.

Cloth Pocket: 18th century textile, linen embroidered with silk threads ( Hertfordshire, UK)

Here is a close-up of her corset, entirely lined.
Gorgeous 19th c. English silk with lovely embroidery work.

My doll has beautiful inset black pupiless glass eyes,
ca. 1880's

 Lovely Lady Adela is wearing a double bustle pad sewn in the 19th c. style, it will help her skirt hang and drape nicely. 

 Petticoat:  Victorian Era English trim with a lovely spider web pattern.

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