Tuesday, April 18, 2017


It's been a while since I made my first black wooden doll.
Following my passion of making dolls, I continue my research and learning about the different lifestyles in the 15th- to the early 20th centuries, specially in Britain, France and America.
 Some time ago, one of the articles that caught my attention was about the exhibition of  "Black Chronicles II" in 11/14 by Autograph ABP, in Rivington Place , London. All of these fascinating photos that were taken in photographic studios in Britain,  have been major part of my inspiration to make my Negra Dolls and I am trying to represent with them the black men and women in Victorian Britain. In my opinion, these are absolutely stunning photos that bring to us new knowledge about the presence of the black people in Britain +100 years ago. These photos contribute immensely to people like me, a doll maker, to expand our vision, create and bring to you my unique representation of  these fantastic "unidentified sitters" .
"Annette" is my representation of an unidentified black Victorian Lady.
Exquisite hand-carving and period clothing.
Annette is  21.5 inches tall.

If interested about these fascinating articles and exhibitions, please click the following links :

My doll has beautiful inset black pupiless glass eyes,
ca. 1880's

Gorgeous hair. Her curls are natural and soft!

She is jointed at shoulders, elbows, hip and knees.
All of her clothing is made from antique fabrics.

Cloth pocket:  19th c. OTTOMAN silk and metallic embroidery on natural homespun cotton

Here is a close-up of her corset, entirely lined.
Gorgeous Italian early 19th c. brocade textile.

She is full of detail and her clothing is stunning and it makes this lovely Lady stands out! Her skirt is quilted, 19th century  resist woodblock printed cotton. This beautiful textile was printed in France using hand carved wooden blocks.

Her shoes are made of the same brocade textile used for her corset. Inspired on a pair of 18th c Persian slippers.

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