Friday, October 20, 2017

"Genevieve" Reproduction of a Wooden Doll from the Georgian Period

 The craftsmen of the Georgian Era made marvelous art work. "Genevieve" is a reproduction of one of the most
beautiful wooden Queen Anne Dolls made in that period.
She is a large doll, 24" tall,
(she is just 1/2 inch shy of  her older sis.)
I dressed my doll in exquisite early textiles that date back to the 18th century, including the fabulous French torchon metal trim that I used to decorate her robe and stomacher. Please scroll down to see more pictures of Genevieve, she is a wonderful replica of the original doll. 

                          Hand carved wooden head and torso with 
dowel and pin jointing at thighs and knees.

19th c. Black pupil-less glass eyes with finely painted 
dotted eyebrows.

Dress: Italian silk brocade with gold metallic embroidery. 
Stomacher and dress front panel: English brocade, with gold and silver metallic embroidery .
Wonderful examples of 18th c. textiles

Apron: Ottoman, 19th c.
The off-white linen ground is embroidered with
silk and copper threads.

This is a rare, exquisite, beautiful torchon metal trim, 
Origin:  France, XVIIIème

Lace-up half-boots in a lovely light blue color. 
In the beginning of the 19th c. boots gradually
became acceptable for women. 
Material: English 19th c. Silk

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