Thursday, February 8, 2018

"Priscilla" Hand-carved wooden doll

Priscilla is my representation of a young black woman, that was brought from the West Indies to the British 
Empire in the 18th century.
At her arrival, she became a lady's maid.
I dressed  Priscilla in clothing that is historically inspired.
She stands just over 19 inches tall.

She is fully jointed. The hand-carving and clothing are exquisite. 
All of her clothing is made from antique fabrics. 

 The red fabric is a beautiful 
example of early 19th-century textile, block printed, painted mordant-and-resist-dyed. The madder brown cotton
 calico is probably American in origin  though may have been printed in England. 

Her black silk shoes are embellished with glass beads and beautiful torchon metal trim, both materials dating 
from the Victorian Era.

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