Friday, April 6, 2018

"Lord Benjamen" Hand-carved wooden doll

"Lord Benjamen" is hand-carved and  made in 
the manner of a 18th c wooden Queen Anne doll. 
Exquisitely hand crafted and detailed, he is dressed
in  +150 years old marvelous silks and treasured laces !

This charming doll has very delicate painting of features, 
the rosy hue on the cheeks stands out beautifully 
against his lovely pale complexion.The lips are delicately painted simply, almost shy smile. His eyebrows and upper and lower lashes are painted with many tiny strokes.

My boy dolls have soft and slightly arched
painted feathered eyebrows.

I have posted many pictures for you to enjoy!

Delightful early 19th c Brocaded Textiles

His court outfit is inspired by Georgian Era clothing.
The Georgian Era, sometimes called the Age of Elegance, 
was characterized by greater abundance,
elaboration and intricacy in clothing designs.
Lord Benjamin's clothing is historically inspired and intended to represent clothing of the upper classes of 
the Georgian Era men's fashion.

Waistcoat:  Exquisite tambour embroidery floral motifs
 with silk and metallic threads on an ivory 
silk satin, France, ca. 1780

His 19th c.brocaded blue shoes are quite lovely,
 embellished with silver buckles, fully lined. 

Tricorne Hat: It is adorned with a rare and beautiful
 silver torchon trim and pale blue feathers.



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