Thursday, May 10, 2018

Solomon & Sheba Hand-carved wooden dolls



Sheba and Solomon are another wonderful project that came true!!
Exquisite dolls with remarkable details.
Their clothes are made with brocades and Ottoman textiles dating from 18th and 19th
centuries and a delicious vintage Saree textile.
I have posted many pictures for you to enjoy!


Solomon & Sheba have removable clothing
I made their robes from a Victorian silk fabric.

My dolls  have beautiful antique inset black pupil-less glass eyes.

Sheba's babouche slipper shoes made of a metallic 
brocade, 19th c.

The vintage Saree is charming and rich and it goes beautiful with all of her clothing. Sheba is simply exquisite, I think any dress that she wears will make her shine!!

Solomon & Sheba's  clothing are historically inspired.

These brocades and Ottoman are amazing 
examples of early textiles....just beautiful.

Solomon's babouche slippers shoes, made of Ottoman textile, dating from the 19th c.

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