Sunday, July 29, 2018

" Perceval " Hand-carved wooden doll

"Perceval"  is my representation of a young African man that
was brought as a servant to the British Empire  in the 18th century.
I dressed Perceval in clothing that is historically inspired.
He stands 21 1/2  inches tall.

Exquisite hand-carved on linden wood. 
Inset antique glass eyes.

Copper and Silk Embroidery Waistcoat trimmed with Victorian glass seed-beads, 
a wonderful early textile dating back to the 18th c.

Victorian Black cotton shoes and plum-rosette ribbon, embellished with glass seed-beads.

Perceval is not only a beautifully hand-crafted doll, 
he is an extremely charming boy!

Silk Stockings with metallic embroidery, both materials French in origin, 1850 ca.

 Beautiful examples of late 18th c. block printed textiles,
possibly printed in India for the British market.
...delightful colors!