Monday, September 24, 2018

"El Caballero Fernando Flores De La Rosa Morado" Hand-carved wooden doll...SOLD

I must share this email I just received!

I am very happy that “Fernando” arrived home safely

and now enjoying time with his lovely “Fleurette”


Fernando & Fleurette are the epitome of a courtly Renaissance
couple. Their exquisitely carved faces which are truly a work of art,
along with their amazingly detailed costumes of period fabrics
transports one to a lost era of brilliance
Sonia you don't make dolls you create Magic !

Amazing 25 in. tall hand-carved wooden doll.
"Fernando" is my representation of a young nobleman
of the 15th Century. 
Love the Spanish Renaissance fashion  !!
The women's and men's clothing in this period enjoyed
a wide range of colors....Fernando's clothing is exquisite.
I have posted many pictures for you to enjoy not only the beauty of this doll, but these early textiles and all 
of the details of his outfit and accessories.


DOUBLET: Ottoman, Early 19th c.

CLOAK:  Beautiful Silk embroidery with  chenille and metallic threads, France, 1750's.

Beautiful embroidered silk hose, kept in place by garters.

SLASHED BREECHES:  18th c. silk and copper embroidery

Close-up picture of  Fernando's fully lined Doublet

Lovely English mohair wig and black pupil-less glass eyes, 
dating back to late 19th c.