Sunday, December 8, 2019

Lady Eleanor, 9" Wooden Queen Anne Doll...AVAILABLE

I am so pleased to share some pictures of Lady Eleanor with you, she is even better in person. She stands 9 inches tall. I have been reproducing early English wooden dolls and very rare I make smaller size reproductions. This little girl was in my projects board for quite some time, so she is finished now and ready to go to a new home. 

If interested in purchase this doll, please email me at:

Lady Eleanor is fully jointed and seats well. She has antique pupil-less glass eyes and finely painted dotted eyebrows

Her clothing is inspired on a 1760's court mantua, this fashionable style of gown was worn between mid or late 17th century and beginning of the 18th century, its skirts were worn over wide hoops and it was adorned with fashionable accessories. Lady Eleanor's gown is made of an early 19th French brocaded, the skirt and bodice are decorated with a fabulous French torchon silver trim. Her clothes are non-removable. Please scroll down to see more pictures of this doll. 


Her stomacher is a embroidery textile, Ottoman, early 19th. century

The sleeves have beautiful antique French lace ruffles

Headdress:  French lace, metallic trims and silk flowers

Last but not least, her teeny-tiny shoes, 19th c. silk brocaded textile in copper color (Italian in origin), adorned with vintage French ribbon bows in a beige color.

"Lady Honora Violet Talmadge", hand carved Queen Anne Doll....SOLD

All my dolls' clothing are tailored.
Here is Lady Honora at her finest!
Her clothing is all removable, hand stitched and lined.

Her Lace Modesty is a miniature reproduction of an early 19th French Embroidered Modesty from the Collection of MFA in Boston, MA

Lady Honora is wearing a beautiful pair of Victorian striped silk stockings and garters.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Gabriella, 18 inch. Hand carved Queen Anne Doll....SOLD

Gabriella is an exquisite hand carved wooden doll in the style of Queen Anne Doll. Her clothing is inspired on a 1840 Englishwomen's costume, it is to die for!


Details of her clothing:
Cotton petticoat, blouse, bonnet, and bustle pad. Her lovely full length French lace apron has wide back ties, all these textiles are from the Victorian Era.  Her bodice and skirt are made of a rare, beautiful early example of 19th century French block-printed and resist dyed textile. The whole bodice and skirt are lined with early off-white cotton. Embroidered shoes and pocket, 19th century Chinese textile.

Exquisite early example of 19th century French block printed and resist dyed textile.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Little Petunia, Wooden Queen Anne Doll hand carved....AVAILABLE

I am thrilled to introduce Little Petunia, she is my representation of a young girl that was brought as a servant to the British Empire from Africa in the 18th century. 
There are many paintings of the 17th and 18th centuries that depict nobles in the company of their favorite servant. During that period of time, it became fashionable for the wealthy families to have black servants dressed in elaborate clothing not only for special occasions, but for the portraits.
I dressed Little Petunia in clothing that is historically inspired. All her clothing is removable. You will be amazed by the quality of this little doll.  She stands 8 inches tall.

If interested in purchasing this doll, please send 
your inquiry to:

Her beautiful corset is made of a Civil War Era wool paisley textile

Little Petunia is wearing a lovely Victorian Era glass 
beaded necklace.
Her petticoat, blouse and bonnet are made of antique 
cotton batiste

Quilted bustle pad: hand-sewn in the 19th century style, would help her skirt hang and drape gracefully.

Early calico in beautiful turkey red color with tiny dots and vines

I made her teeny-tiny shoes with the same textile of the corset.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Josephine, 16 inch. Reproduction English Wooden Queen Anne Doll......SOLD

Josephine is fully jointed and has beautiful antique glass eyes. She is dressed in exquisite early textiles, including the fabulous French brocade that I used to make her stomacher and shoes. Please scroll down to see more pictures of her.

If interested in purchase this doll, please email me at :

 She is wearing a two-piece gown, this early cotton is light, airy, soft and flows beautifully.

And here is a view from the back.....she looks fabulous with
her lace-up back bodice.

Cloth pocket: 19th c. Ottoman, lovely example of early embroidery in silk and metallic threads.

Quilted bustle pad: it's sewn in the 19th century style, would help her skirt hang and drape gracefully.

I took this picture of my doll before applying
her hair. She is one-piece carved wooden head and torso

 Here is Josephine ready to get dressed.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Ruby, 18 inch. Black Wooden Doll in Englishwomen's Costume c. 1760.....SOLD

Ruby is sold already, but I want to share with you some pictures of her, so you can see all the beautiful details of this amazing 18 inch. hand-carved black wooden doll. 

Details of her clothing:
Petticoat, bustle pad, stockings and lace from the Victorian Era. Her striped-silk stockings are to die for! Pleated skirt, a lovely vintage ruby red fabric.
Her open robe made of a beautiful resist dyed printed cotton that dates from around 1880's. 
Brocade shoes, 19th c. textile with silver threads, accented with tiny Victorian shoe buckles.
Her stomacher is made of an exquisite Ottoman embroidery textile, early 19th. century.