Sunday, December 8, 2019

"Lady Honora Violet Talmadge", hand carved Queen Anne Doll....SOLD

Lady Honora is a exquisite Queen Anne Doll Reproduction


All my dolls' clothing are tailored.
Here is Lady Honora at her finest!
Her clothing is all removable, hand stitched and lined.

This gorgeous textile is a French glazed cotton chintz, probably designed by Ulrich Tournier. It has a marvelous tiny floral design and fine stripes on the background, and dates from around c. 1850
Stomacher: Early 19th century Ottoman Embroidery

Her Lace Modesty is a miniature reproduction of an early 19th French Embroidered Modesty from the Collection of MFA in Boston, MA

Lady Honora is wearing a beautiful pair of Victorian striped silk stockings and garters


  1. Lucky me! I now have Honora Violet sitting beside me. She is so beautiful. Thank you, Sonia! I will keep an eye out for sisters! XXOO

  2. You're welcome Dorothy, my pleasure! I am very happy for you.