Monday, February 3, 2020

"Charlotte", 18th Century Queen Anne Wooden Doll Reproduction....SOLD

This outstanding 18" wooden doll is a reproduction of a mid 18th Century English Wooden Doll. She is fully jointed and has beautiful antique glass eyes. Her clothing is made of exquisite early textiles. 

Bodice: Late 18th century brocaded textile, origin: Italy

Skirt: Early 19th century English opulently brocaded textile with silver metallic thread work

Charlotte loves the chatelaine that I made for her!
The pincushion is made from antique brocade silk and it comes with tiny sewing pins!

Cloth Pockets: 19th century Ottoman embroidery

Her shoes with leather soles, early brocaded silks and accented with lovely Victorian shoe buckles, complete the outfit !