Wednesday, March 4, 2020

"Catalina" 18th Century Queen Anne Wooden Doll Reproduction...SOLD

Do you remember this face? 
Catalina is a reproduction of one of the most distinguished wooden early Queen Anne Dolls made around 1720 ca. in Great Britain. My doll stands 20 inches tall, exquisite wood-carving and she is dressed in textiles dating back to mid 19th century. I have posted many pictures of Catalina,  if you are interested to see more, 
let me know. I also want to share with you a picture while I was 
carving her beautiful face ( linden wood one-piece head and torso, 
fully jointed body) Enjoy it!


Under her bonnet, she is wearing a black cotton skull cap, just like the original doll

Her quilted petticoat is made from a beautiful early example of 19th century French block printed  and resist dyed textile

Bodice: early calico, probably imported from 
Europe in the 19th century.

Delightful French silk brocaded textile dating about 1840's

Apron: French lace from the Victorian Era

Her chatelaine is lovely!, it has a needle case and pincushion that I made from a 19th c. resist dyed print cotton. The pincushion comes with tiny sewing pins! The brass-silk button and petit stork scissors are antique accessories dating from the Victorian Era. 

Victorian Silk Stockings in old-yellow and
French ribbon garters.

Last but not least, her high-heel brocade silk 
lace-up boots, with leather soles, I made them 
from a late 18th century Italian brocade

Catalina was in my project board for a few weeks, I have put several hours to make a replica
of the original doll, she is finished now and I am thrilled with her........I think it was worth the wait!


  1. Beautiful Job. Thank you June

  2. Hi Sonia, I would like to be in touch could you send me an email? Thank you so much! Elizabeth

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      Nice to meet you. My email address is:
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