Thursday, July 16, 2020

"Clemence" Black Wooden "Queen Anne" Style Doll.....SOLD

Clemence stands 18 inches tall. Hand-carved wooden body with jointed legs and arms. Beautiful ebony-black complexion. She is dressed in early textiles. I have posted several photos to show you step by step how I've dressed Clemence. Her clothing is inspired by an early 19th century dress that was probably made with calico fabrics imported into Britain from India. 


Cloth Pockets:  The quilting is quite fine, 1830's in date.

Quilted bum roll hand-sewn in the 18th century style.

Her fichu, also called neckerchiefs or kerchiefs, is made  from a lovely French lace. This one is triangular in shape.

Beautiful example of late 19th century calico fabric, in red and white colors.

Here's an inside look at the bodice, it is fully lined and closes
with hooks and eyes at center front.

I made this chatelaine with vintage silver chains and scissors.  The pinball and needle case are made from antique textiles, circa 1850's