Friday, August 21, 2020

"Augusta" Georgian Era Wooden Queen Anne Style Doll....SOLD


Augusta is a fine styled hand-carved wooden doll with jointed legs and arms. Her face is inspired by a wonderful early Queen Anne Doll that I love and never get tired of watching because she not only graces my eyes but my soul. This amazing doll was made around the 1720's when Britain was one of the most prosperous countries in the world.

As the original doll, she stands 17 inches tall. She will come to you with a historically accurate period wardrobe and accessories that I made with early materials and textiles dating back to mid 19th century.

I have posted several photos for you to see step-by-step how I have dressed the Queen, enjoy!



Stays: 18th century shape: upright flat back and narrow waist. 
Textile: Early example of 19th century Italian brocade.

I made a stay busk for my doll inspired by a 17th century bone busk. I engraved a variety of motifs and her first initial "A".      I gave it a very well worn appearance.

Cloth pockets: early 19th century chinoiserie embroidery.

She is wearing a bum-roll in the 18th century style that will help to lift and display her skirt and to emphasize her tiny waist.

Fichus were worn by women in the 18th to late 19th centuries. It was an important and necessary accessory for women of that era, worn during the day to be protected from the sun, for warmth or modesty.

Her bodice is trimmed with a cream silk rosette ribbon, dating to 1850's .

Bodice and skirt: Mid 19th century brocaded textile with silver metallic threads, origin: France.

Stomacher and apron: 19th century elaborately embroidery Ottoman textile.

Her necklace is made out of glass seed beads from the Victorian Era. 

Augusta has a beautiful blonde mohair wig with a bun that I have made specially to wear her square cap. These square caps were designed to be worn around a bun of hair. 
Materials: 19th century brocaded silk trimmed with silk lace and vintage cloth flowers.

Here Augusta is all dressed with her 18th century gown and accessories.


Inspired by a British 18th century high-heel shoes with leather soles and trimmed with silk brocade ribbon from the Georgian Era, origin: England.
 Augusta loves her shoes! 


  1. Sonia, the beauty of your work in awe inspiring. Everything is so perfect. You're an amazing artist. Monica

  2. It's always a pleasure to hear from you Monica. Thank you so much for keeping up with my doll making! Sonia.