Friday, October 9, 2020

"Yvonne" dressed in a 1770's Robe á la Polonaise....SOLD


I am thrilled to introduce you to Yvonne, a 17.5 inches tall wooden Queen Anne style doll hand carved and hand painted in beautiful detail. Her face has a serene expression with delicate features. She is wearing a close-bodied gown with the overskirt á la polonaise. I love very much this style because of the draped fabric that not only reveals her elaborate quilted petticoat, but let Yvonne show off her beautiful high-heel shoes that I custom made for her.

She will come to you with a historically accurate period wardrobe and accessories that I hand made with early materials and textiles dating back to the 1800's . I simply enjoy so much studying and researching the elaborate clothing and accessories of past centuries. Yvonne is my humble interpretation of a fashionable French young lady dressed in a remarkable popular gown of the late 18th century  "the robe á la polonaise".

I have posted several photos for you to see step-by-step how I have dressed her. Yvonne came out exactly how I envisioned her, enjoy!

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Fine carving of her face with graceful lines and precise details, lovely pale colors on her full cheeks, chin and lips. She has antique glass inset eyes with finest painted lashes and eyebrows. 

Yvonne is a 17.5 inches wooden doll with one piece carved head and torso.

Here she is wearing her long chemise

Her garters are tied tightly around her legs to hold up her silk stockings

Yvonne is wearing her dickey petticoat for warmth and modesty

Her stays are made of an early 19th century Ottoman textile woven with metallic threads. This was done inspired on a 1770's stays, with the typical 18th century shape that would create a fashionable narrow-waisted silhouette

Her stay busk is decorated with flowers, a heart, and on top I carved her first initial "Y"


Cloth pockets: 19th century Ottoman embroidery

Yvonne is also wearing a full-length embroidered petticoat, beautiful cotton textile from the Edwardian Era.

The bum-roll will give to the skirt that typical look that everyone very much loves about the 18th century dresses!

         Quilted silk petticoat: made from a remnant of a Victorian quilted skirt. It's lined with calico fabric from the same era.
I can count 7-8 quilting stitches per inch!

                     Her fichu can be pinned, tied or just tucked into the bodice in front.

Head covering: Inspired on an English coif. It's made of an early Ottoman embroidery, ca. 1840's


The polonaise is shown over her quilted petticoat

This particular style of dress was very popular in the 1770's.
Silk ribbons are attached on the opposite sides of the dress for looping up the skirt, attaching them to two tiny buttons sewn to the outside waistline.

A back view of her close-fitting bodice and 
beautiful gathered skirt.

Mid 19th century brocaded textile, origin: England

Her chatelaine dangles 4 gold chains, each of them end holding an essential tool for Yvonne's sewing chores. I made her pinball with the Ottoman embroidery that I used to make her coif.

.... and her high-heel shoes finishes the look