Wednesday, November 25, 2020

"Miss Alice" Georgian Era Wooden Queen Anne Style Doll....SOLD

Miss Alice is inspired by one of the most outstanding English Queen Anne Dolls that was auctioned by a prestigious Doll Auctioneer House in 2019.  It's so rare to find these wooden dolls in such stunning condition, being close to three centuries old!. Thank you to her original family that kept her well preserved. 

Her distinctive personality, the wood carving of high quality and the history behind this doll, were the links that inspired me to make Miss Alice.

She herself is about 19 inches tall and with the hat it is 19 1/2 inches tall.  Her clothes are made of early silk and cotton textiles that date back to the mid 18th century. I have posted several photos for you to see step-by-step how I have dressed her.  Enjoy!

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Here is she wearing her cotton chemise. It is the innermost layer of the 18th century women's clothing.


Her French silk golden-yellow stockings and her garters lend that "something extra" to her beautiful historical clothing. I love to create a striking contrast of colors when I dress my dolls, keeping in mind the unique features of each accessory and garments. 

  Cotton underpetticoat, also known as dickey.

Here is Alice wearing her stays in the remarkable style of the  18th century women's fashion. The shoulder straps are cut high at the armpits, making  her shoulders stay slightly back.  I made her stays from a late 18th c. brocade textile.



 Wooden busk : It is engraved with floral and 
geometric motifs, initialed "A" and dated at top.



Cloth pockets: 19th century English silk embroidery.



 Alice also wears a lovely fichu made from an early French lace. It's tucked into the front of her quilted petticoat.


Quilted Petticoat: Miss Alice welcomes another layer of warmth against the winter months approaching. Early example of block print textile, dating back to early 19th century. It was originally part of a boutis.

        She is wearing a bumroll in the 18th century fashion (revival style)


  Stomacher: 19th century Ottoman embroidery

     Closed-front skirt and bodice.

Made of a mid 18th century brocaded textile, origin: England.

Her bodice is trimmed with a rosette ribbon dating to 1850's.


Her sleeves are decorated with early 19th century metallic lace and lovely Victorian glass beads.

Alice is carrying a reticule where she keeps her essential tools for her daily sewing chores. The brocade silk and tiny tassels date back to the late 18th century.

Apron: 19th century Ottoman embroidery

During the mid to late 18th century, for women to wear a hat was an icon of wealth. 
Alice's hat is decorated with the same metallic lace and tassels I used on her sleeves.

Alice has beautiful antique brown curly mohair wig.

And last but not least are Alice's shoes. They are inspired by a 18th century mules. I made them with the same silk brocade used to make her reticule. They have leather soles and lovely wood Louis heels.
Miss Alice loves her shoes!

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