Monday, December 14, 2020

15" Wooden Queen Anne Style Doll.....SOLD



Briana is a 15 inches tall young lady with lots of presence and serene expression. She is dressed in early textiles, some of them dating back to the late 18th century! I have posted several photos for you to see step-by-step how I have dressed her and all the details of this lovely doll.  Enjoy!


These types of dolls with painted eyes are some of the earliest made in the Queen Anne style.  Only a few of them have survived, some of them dating about 1700's.  I love her beautiful big eyes and shy smile!

As many of the original dolls, she has cloth upper arms and the lower arms are wood with elongated fork-shaped hands.

Here she is wearing her fine cotton muslin chemise. The tight-fitting stockings and garters are from the Edwardian Era.

Coarse linen stays, ca. 1740's with lace up front and back.         
I love to sew these early  stays for my dolls!

Early 1800's  brocade cloth pocket

Bum-roll: It helps to emphasize her tiny waist.

Beautiful wool petticoat from the Victorian Era. It will keep her warm during the winter months. 

Skirt: French glazed cotton chintz, ca. 1850's.  Beautiful floral and stripe design. The colors are vibrant and it has retained its glaze through all these years.

Briana is wearing a Robe à l'Anglaise.  Very stylish  late eighteenth century dress, renowned for the fitted back and  close-bodied bodice.  The textile is a beautiful late eighteen century brocade, it is backed with silk from the same era. 



Her fichu wraps around the body and ties in the back. Lovely!



Coif: Wonderful example of eighteenth century French embroidery, with metallic silver trim from the same era.

I made her shoes with the same silk brocade as the dress. It's decorated with silk  bows from the same era and tiny silver metal buckles from the 1930's.

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