Wednesday, October 20, 2021

11" Black Wooden Queen Anne Style Doll....SOLD


11" wooden doll carved from basswood. Beautiful ebony-black complexion. She is my  representation of a British young girl  from the 18th century.  Her dress is inspired by an Italian-style gown that dates about 1770-1780. All her clothing and accessories are made with  early materials and textiles, they are removable.

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A 18th c. teens' wardrobe: It's just how she wants to dress, like an adult woman!

Here she is wearing her knee-length shift and her 
cotton stockings.

Early 1880's calico textile with tiny leaf, floral and geometric pattern, lovely!

After I added the cuffs and neck ruffles, I started working on her apron (same lace as her day cap).
Her chatelaine consists in one pinball  made with a beautiful brocade that dates back to late 18th century.

Shoes: Late 18th century brocade.