Saturday, December 4, 2021

17.5" Black Wooden Queen Anne Style Doll.....SOLD



I am pleased to introduce you this lovely wooden doll dressed head-to-toe in historical clothing!  17.5" wooden doll carved from basswood. Beautiful ebony-black complexion. She is my representation of a British lady from the late 18th century.  Her dress is inspired by a museum example of the remarkably popular English gown (Robe à l'Anglaise, in French). All her clothing and accessories are super detailed, made with early materials and textiles, they are removable. She comes with an extensive wardrobe, hand-made and historically accurate. If you are interested in purchasing her, please contact me at:


Here is a photo of her clothing and accessories that I custom made for her.

Here she is wearing her shift (or chemise as it was later called) and dickey petticoat. The shift plays an essential role because not only does it protect her clothing from the body moisture, but also will protect her from the roughness of some elaborate textiles, some of them were composed entirely of metal threads. So luxurious!
I love her jewelry set made with glass seed beads from the Victorian Era.

Making miniature pair of stockings is something that I enjoy very much every time I start the design of the historical reproduction clothing for my dolls. As you know, the earlier dolls had fine carving legs, which I love to reproduce.

Dainty antique French silk ribbons are tied tightly around her legs, just above the knees, to hold up her cotton stockings.

It's time to lacing her stays!
 They are of silk brocade, dating from the late 18th century.
I made a teeny-tiny needle to lace her stays.

Double cloth pockets: early Ottoman embroidery with silk and metallic threads

She is also wearing another layer of petticoat or underskirt made of cotton, it has pocket- slits as well, so she can reach to her secret pockets!

Many centuries ago fashionable women were super creative to get their desired silhouette, these 
false bum rumps would help to emphasize their tiny waist and accentuate their butts and hips.
False rumps were usually stuffed with cork, feathers, cotton, horsehair. Most of them have attached a cotton or linen panel to protect her from the roughness of these materials, so clever!

Before I started working on this project, it happens that I had the opportunity to purchase a collection of antique textiles from a textile collector and I immediately fell in love with this red cotton satin fabric and I envisioned to make a garment for one of my dolls. I think the red color of her skirt blends beautifully with the colors of her gown.

Robe à l'Anglaise: this gown evolved from the mantua. It also has similar details in design with the Robe a la Francaise, but the key difference is the back. The robe à l'Anglaise was never formal enough to be an official court gown. It still has the tight back which makes a fitted bodice.
 In my opinion it's practical, elegant and I love how it's designed. Her gown is made of a beautiful cotton fabric from the Victorian Era.

The bonnet, fichu, frills and apron are made of a lovely antique lace. It dates from about 1920's, made in France.

I made her chatelaine with the essential tools for her sewing chores: it has a pinball, a roll up sewing housewife and a pair of antique miniature scissors. Super cute!
Entirely hand made with early textiles and accessories.

Her brocade high heel shoes in the 18th century 
style finishes the look! Made of silk brocade dating from the late 1700's


  1. Sonia, the little chatelaine and housewife almost brings me to tears!! Your work is exquisite, as always.

  2. Sonia I have two life size 18th century Beautiful black dolls. The heads are cracked and the dresses need mending to bring them back to life? Can you help?

  3. My brother Marc Anthony was a great artist! He wasn't just great he was gifted! So much talent! He wasn't allowed to be himself and his art suffered as well as him. This is all I have left of him. I just want to know if you can bring these two girls back to life?
    Thank you