Friday, August 19, 2022

" Maggie " 11 in. Wooden Pandora Doll....SOLD


Maggie is my representation of a very young girl, maybe in her teens, born in Britain in the late 18th century. She is finely carved from basswood; she has antique glass eyes and a beautiful ebony-black complexion. I carefully gave to the painting a wonderful age-related patina. All her clothing and accessories are made with early materials and textiles, they are removable. 

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Here is a photo of her entire wardrobe, handmade and historically accurate. 

Her shift is super cute!  Made from a Victorian cotton lawn and trimmed at the hem with a teeny-tiny lace.

From her beautiful curly hair to her tiny feet, Maggie is dainty and charming! Here she is showing off her quilted petticoat, dating from the Civil War era.

She is delighted with her double cloth pockets; the quilted cotton textile is block printed and dates from around the 1880's.

This American floral printed calico, made in the early 20th century has character, it's faded, worn and has a really soft texture, perfectly natural distressed look for my doll's dress!
Two-piece dress, the bodice closes in front with hooks & eyes, and it's fully lined.

Winter months are approaching, and Maggie is ready to welcome it!  Her muff will keep her hands toasty and cozy, it's her favorite winter accessory.

And her silk embroidered slippers finish the look!

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