Saturday, February 11, 2023

"Beatrice" 17 in. Pandora Wooden Doll....SOLD


17" Wooden Pandora Doll


Beatrice is one of my latest wooden dolls, hand carved from basswood, beautiful age-related patina.  She is my representation of a British young lady from the 18th century. She is wearing a caraco jacket in chocolate brown and lovely floral spray design, English in origin, ca. 1920's. This fine cotton chintz is glazed and thus has a sheen. The quilted petticoat is a beautiful green changeable silk with a fine wool batting and lined in a pretty madder- brown calico fabric, dating from the Victorian era. 
All her clothing and accessories are made with early materials and textiles, they are removable. I have posted several photos for you to see step-by-step how I have dressed her and all the details of this doll. If you are interested in purchasing her, please contact me at:

Beatrice has an extensive wardrobe and accessories, all hand-made and historically accurate.

Her shift is made from an antique cotton fabric. The shift is considered the most basic garment of the 18th century woman's wardrobe. It plays an essential role because not only does it protect her clothing from the body moisture, but also will protect her from the roughness of some elaborate textiles.

Stays:  Early 19th century French floral silk brocade textile. Historically inspired, these stays create the unique 18th century silhouette with conical torso and small waist.
I made a teeny-tiny needle to lace her stays.

Beatrice is delighted with her double cloth pockets, made from a lovely 1880's quilted cotton textile.

Her dickey petticoat and false rumps are made from antique cotton fabrics as well, dating from the Victorian Era. The false rumps were usually stuffed with cork, feathers, cotton wool, horsehair. Most of them have attached a cotton or linen panel to protect her from the roughness of these materials, so clever!

The caraco closes in the front with concealed hooks and eyes. This style of caraco jacket was very fashionable from 1775-1785.  I am so pleased with the texture and colors of this early chintz fabric. Her caraco jacket is fully lined!

Quilted petticoat: Beautifully quilted!  It has pocket-slits as well, so she can reach to her secret cloth pockets. 

Her fichu, bonnet and apron are made from lovely antique cotton lace and trims made in France.

I made a huswife for my doll and she loves it! It is made from beautiful early textiles, all hand sewn! It comes with a pair of antique miniature scissors.

Shoes: made from the same silk brocade as the stays. They are fully lined and leather soles.

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