Thursday, June 13, 2024

Eloise, 13" Wooden Pandora Doll... SOLD


Eloise is one of my latest creations, she is a fine hand-carved wooden doll, her glass eyes and English mohair wig are antique. I have finished making all of her accessories, and now she is available! Please scroll down to see step-by-step photos on how I have dressed her and all the details of this doll.  If you are interested in purchasing her, contact me at:


All of her clothing and accessories are made with early materials and textiles, they are removable. 

Here is Eloise wearing her shift and dickey petticoat made of cotton fabrics from the Victorian Era. The shift will protect her clothing from the body moisture and also from the roughness of some elaborate textiles, like the metallic threads that adorn her stays. 

Her stays are made of a green floral silk brocade textile, it has back lacing and has a metallic decorative lacing in the front, dating from the 19th century.

Her dress is made of a 19th century silk damask fabric in a delightful pastel pink color. The bodice is laced in the back, and it is adorned in the front and neckline with a dainty French silk trim in a light sage-green color. These two soft pastel colors are blending beautifully, the combination is so pleasing to the eye!

  She has pierced ears! I made her tiny earrings with glass beads from the Victorian era.

The headdress, fichu and skirt ruffles are made of an antique muslin fabric.

Her apron is edged with silver metallic torchon lace trim, dating from the mid to late 19th century (European in origin, possibly made in France or Italy).

Her apron and double pockets are a two-piece matching set, I made them with remnants of a 1880's French embroidery, which was created with beautiful ombre ribbons.

Hand knitted stockings: American, ca. 1870-80

Her shoes are made of an early 18th century brocade textile, and they are adorned with silk ribbon flowers and glass beads.

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